Conditions and rules for the stay in Villa Atica:
1. Obligatory registration – address cards to every guest.
2. By registration and paying the reservation you agree with our terms and rules for staying in Villa Atica.
3. We require a deposit of 200 levs by renting the whole complex, which is given back by leaving Villa Atica and by keeping the terms of the villa without any damage.
4. The garden furniture can’t be removed in the grass plot, or the flower-beds.
5. The game field is the grass plot in front of the third house, suitable for volleyball, soccer, badminton, frisbee/at the disposal of the guests are balls, badminton, frisbee/
6. The furniture, the electric appliance – coffee machines, pots and pans from the houses should not be removed and exported outside or in the other houses or the tavern.
7. The cookhouse, the tavern, the kitchens in the houses, the barbeque and the pots and pans should be cleaned after use and should be left with some conditions as at check -in, by not cleaned tavern should be paid 50 levs for cleaning, missing or broken inventory is paid by market prices.
8. Music and loud noise are allowed till 22:30 in the tavern, the cookhouse and the garden of villa Atica. By no keeping the terms is deducted 200 levs from the deposit.
9. The tavern is equipped with music system and with everything needed for festivals and corporate events and BRINGING OF ADDITIONAL SOUND EQUIPMENT IS NOT ALLOWED! 
10. Smoking in the tavern is now allowed.

MOBILE NUMBER FOR CONTACT: 0878770171; 0878770180