Guest House "Villa Atika" is located at the centre of the village of Gorna Malina, only 30 km away from Sofia in the direction of the town of Koprivshtitsa. The village of Gorna Malina is situated in the centre of Western Bulgaria.  It spreads between the ridge of the Balkan Mountains in the north and Sredna Gora in the south. It borders on the municipalities of Pravets, Etropole, Elin Pelin. The picturesque  Balkan scenery and the clen air create a unique atmosphere for our guests.

Gorna Malina - Sofia: 30 km.
Gorna Malina - Plovdiv: 145 km.
Gorna Malina - Burgas: 338 km.
Gorna Malina - Varna: 435 km.

Villa Atika :

sq. Furst № 112
Gorna Malina,Bulgaria  

Tel: +359 2 928 60 10,
GSM : +359 878 770-180

GPS coordinates for navigation systems:
Geographical latitude: 42°69' 09.94" N
Geographical longitude: 23°70'84.20"E
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Information about Gorna Malina
In Gorna Malina municipality Bulgarian national traditions are still alive. Local folklore lives and devolops much to the interest of folklore and custom lovers. Not seldom do local art ensembles win awards at national folklore contests.

The geographical location of the municipality (at the southern passages of the Balkan Mountain range - Arabakonak and Vitinya) explains the presence of cultural layers and traces of human presence dating back to antiquity. The territory of the municipality was crossed by ancient roads going through the Balkan Mountain.  Archeological excavations revealed ruins from the Roman times. In most settlements in the region there are Orthodox temples, some of which more than 300 years old. The church "St. Dimitar" in the village of Makotsevo is a cultural monument. Some of the frescoes and icons are works of the local iconographer from the 19th century - Yoto (Ivan Nedyalkov) from the village of Makotsevo.

The most precious spiritual heritage that Gorna Malina municipality has to offer to its guests is the house-museum of the classic author in Bulgarian literature, the great master of words, Elin Pelin, located in the village of Baylovo. Literature lovers will get immersed in the world of Elin Pelin's characters.

The municipality's close location to the capital allows  both locals and visitors to enjoy a plenty of cultural diversions, in addition, Sofia district has a rich range of sites of national significance, national parks and protected areas.