Team building

Organization of team building events with interactive and psychological games, adventures, role-play and a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities - not only can we provide a team of experts in the organization of such events, but we can also provide accommodation at Villa Atica and transport to the villas. We have experience in the organization of team building events for both Bulgarian and foreign partners.

Team building as a corporate event is usually an annual company event which aims to improve the understanding of team communication and build trust via communication in informal setting, and in addition develop problem-solving skills using situations outside the business setting.
The psychological games and challenges - the team of experts organizes during the team building to create  friendly atmosphere - are age and individual specific. If you decide to rely on us for the organization of your team building event, we will also take care of your transport,  meals, accommodation, etc. The event may take place in the region of Gorna Malina municipality which is rich in natural and cultural sites. 

"Adventure Team Building”

The programme includes adventure games with historical themes and a plenty of extreme activities. The programme includes sight-seeing tours in Koprivshtitsa and Panagyurishte. The tours may include visiting the historical museums in Koprivshtitsa and Panagyurishte. We can also organize archery and air-gun tournaments as part of the team building program.

Our team-building programme is rich in adventures and challenges which will surprise, excite and unite your team.

"Team Clashes with Water Splashes"

A team-building adventure which can be organized outsider in the yard or in a swimming pool. A true adventure which eliminates all stress and tension and unites the team. Diverse and surprising games in the water (or with water), organized with a sense of humor, water battle and treasure-hunting will get the team cooled down and bring them closer.

Villa Atica offers a variety of entertaining activities:

 - paintball- equipment– bib pants, mask, marker + instructor + 100 balls
 - target shooting using a marker
 - archery
 - exotic horse riding in nature
 - extreme horse riding for the advanced
 - ATV driving for beginners and advanced, with an instructor

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