Villa Atica can offer a list of opportunities for entertainment and to make use of the leisure time between the events. The municipality has a big cultural and historical heritage. In the village of Gorna Malina there is restaurant – Pizzeria with varied and tasty food, and in the neighbor village Bailovo is situated a superb elegant restaurant – No Names bar&dinner . The countryside of the municipality has marvelous nature, excellent conditions for fishing, sport and relax in Windmill Hydropark, also and a well developed sports base – stadium Gorna Malina and the pride of the municipality – the sports hall, which was shortly opened, with a capacity of more than 700 spectators.
The geographic location of the municipality (on the south entries of the passages “Arabakonak” and “Vitinya”) determinates the presence of cultural levels and tracks of human presence from the antique ages. Through the territory of the municipality have passed antique roads, crossing the Balkan Mountains. By the excavation were founded tracks of buildings, builded during the Roman times. In almost all settlements there are Orthodox churches, some of which are more than 300 years old. The church of Saint Dimitar in the village of Makotsevo is monument of the culture. Some of the wall-paintings and the icons are made from the local iconographer from XIX century – Yoto (Ivan Nedyalkov) from the village Makotsevo.
The municipality of Gorna Malina offers her guests its biggest intellectual value – the house – museum in village Bailovo of the classic of the Bulgarian national literature, the past-master of the belles-lettres – Elin Pelin. Even today the admirers of the Bulgarian literature can sink into the world of the Elin Pelin’s characters.

1. Corporate events
2. Birthdays
3. Team building
4. Trainings, Seminars
5. Sport camps