Sports centre Gorna Malina
The biggest attraction is the sports hall, with 700 sitting places and it allows to be played sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball and even handball. There will find place also fitness centre, swimming pool and sauna. The hall is in conformity with every European requirements. The new sports hall will be tested with a volleyball game between the man teams of Bulgaria and France.The sports complex is situated at 50 decare and consists of soccer field, mini – soccer field, tennis court, volleyball and basketball court.The centre will be open on 24.08.2013 at 16:30 from the minister of youth and sport Mariana Georgieva. The first hole was made on 15th May at the city stadium.On 24th August 2013 was opened the new sports centre in Gorna Malina. The project was sponsored by the Rural Developing Programme of the European Agriculture Fund.