The Garden of Villa Atica
The villa’s garden will remain in the memories of everyone who has seen it. 

Villa Atica is located at the centre of the picturesque village Gorna Malina. The villa itself is one of the loveliest and most charming villas in the vicinity. It is designed by arch. Vladimir Rusinov. 

The garden of Villa Atica spreads over 2 decares. It is designed by the owner of the villa. At the beginning of the lane leading to the three lovely villas there is a rose arch of red, white and pink roses. And this is just the beginning. The garden is divided into four parts. It starts with a rose lane, hortensias, cherry laurels, hedge, decorative trees, and yuccas. The bottom of the lane leading to the villas reveals a beautiful view to the alpine garden. The alpine garden is magnificently adorned by the Saxifraga – literally meaning “stone-breaker” – with its beautiful white and pink flowers. Armeria maritime, Sedum dasyphyllum, Sempervivum – its tufted leaves in rosettes are covered by white threads resembling cobwebs – complete the alpine garden. The lawn in front of the villas is surrounded by lovely thujas, lilacs, hortensias, and magnolias. In front of each of the villas there is a small separate garden enclosed by decorative stones and a hedge. Each garden is charming by its unique decoration of cherry laurels, decorative cypresses, pine-trees, lavender and annual beauties with white and pink flowers.