Beautiful garden of Villa Atica
In the garden of Villa Atica during May the roses bloom, than the rhododendrons start to smell. In front of every house is detached a small garden with different decoration, stylish enclosure with decorative rocks and hedge, full of scent and blossom of spring flowers – geraniums, carnations, petunias, fragrant lavender, laurel, ornamental cypresses, small pine trees, and one-year-old beauties with white and pink blossoms.
Villa Atica is a resort of four absolutely self-dependent and furnished houses for relaxing. They share one spacious common yard, in which are created cozy comfortable spots for relax in fresh air and outside games. For the leisure time of our guests in the beautiful garden of Villa Atica, we created a grass game field, a tavern with a kitchen and barbeque with an oven, chaise-lounges for sunbathing, porches with tables, chairs and an umbrella with a view to the garden, parking places for three cars.
Birthday Emo
On 01/08/2014 Emil Hristakov celebrated its 48th anniversary and found the new acquisition of villas Attica - tavern with barbecue. Lamb was roasted by close friends from the village - Emilia Tsvetan Yotov Wieliczka Angelova
The Garden of Villa Atica
The Garden of Villa Atica
Sports centre Gorna Malina
The biggest attraction is the sports hall, with 700 sitting places and it allows to be played sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball and even handball. There will find place also fitness centre, swimming pool and sauna. The hall is in conformity with every European requirements
Opening of Villa Atika
Opening of Villa Atika
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