Into the aromatic nature, herbs and mountain air, only 30 km far from the big city of Sofia, in the lovely village Gorna Malina is sheltered a cozy guest house Atica.

Guest House  Atica
uniquely combines modern life conveniences with the atmosphere of the Bulgarian Revival period. If you are tired and exhausted from the busy and tense life in the big city, guest house Atica will offer you the tranquillity and calmness that you need. You will spend a lovely holiday rich in 
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Guest House  Atica is a friendly and an unique place for rest and relax. The resort complex of the three guest houses were transformed in a home for anyone who wants to touch the living nature, buried in cool and greenery, the complex offers activities for kids and adults. Teasing geraniums and colorful bushes, sparsed all around the houses and the alleys, embosom anyone who walks with their familiar scent.
Every of the two-storey guest houses dispose with fully furnished kitchen and dining rooms. The bedrooms are stylish furnitured and any of them is decorated with unique paintings. /See the gallery/

Guest House  Atica
disposes with an cozy tavern for 14 people with a fireplace and a barbeque with an oven, a grass game field. /See the gallery/
In the garden of Guest House  Atica during May the roses bloom, than the rhododendrons start to smell. In front of every house is detached a small garden with different decoration, stylish enclosure with decorative rocks and hedge, full of scent and blossom of spring flowers – geraniums, carnations, petunias, fragrant lavender, laurel, ornamental cypresses, small pine trees, and one-year-old beauties with white and  pink blossoms.

Sightseeing and entertainments around the village Gorna Malina

Village Gorna Malina offers a sports centre – soccer field, volleyball hall, tennis court, mini soccer field. The guests of Guest House  Atica can take the opportunity of the sports centre for their own sport day or just to play with friends. /See the gallery/

In the beginning of the village is situated the Windmill Hydropark /Gallery/, which offers two swimming pools, restaurants, breeding-pond, attractions for kids and adults – paintball, football, volleyball, mini zoo and others.

Guest House  Atica
can transform your relax during the weekend or the meeting with the favorite friends into a true holiday for your soul, you can charge yourself with more love and strength for the tomorrow.

For the lovers of eco-tourism in the municipality there are two walks.
- Eco trail – from the monument “Arabakonak” to the spring of the river Bebresh through Stara mandra, in the shelter of the village Stargel with length of 9 km
- Eco trail “The monastery of Saint Iliya” – The reservoir has the length of 4 km.
Sightseeing in the surrounding area:
- The monastery Saint George The Victor in Gorni Bogrov- /gallery/ It is located 16 km from Sofia, the village Gorni Bogrov / in the end of Gorni Bogrov/.
- The house-museum of Elin Pelin - It is located in village Bailovo – 11 km from Gorna Malina / Guest House  Atica /

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Competitors from Russia In the ring of Gorna Malina was held in the period of 15-17 April 2016 the World Coup for aesthetic gymnastics. The guests of Villa Atica were the Russian team – club Amelia. They conquered the bronze medals in the category between the age of 8-10
Our guests from the sports club Samurai Dobrich Our guests from the sports club Samurai Dobrich